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*Please vote against AB-1726.

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Dear [name of Assembly Member]:

We are shocked and appalled to learn that Assembly Bill 1726 is slated to be voted tomorrow, March 15! No politician consulted our communities about this bill of racial discrimination targeting specifically and solely Americans of Asian heritage! We urge that you vote AGAINST this historically regressive and degenerated bill because, if signed into law, this bill would be an incubator for ancestry-targeted persecution of Asian Americans.
We are not blind to the ulterior purpose and unspeakable agenda of AB-1726 in the disguise of addressing "diverse needs" of the Asian Americans. The stratified data to be collected by government agencies and state universities may easily be manipulated to advance race-based public policies that are unlawful under the State Constitution and implement sinister persecution of Asian Americans, not unlike the Internment of Japanese Americans, and concentration camp imprisonment of Europeans of Jewish heritage.

We will NEVER accept this divisive and racism-based bill AB-1726. There is no mention of sub-groups within Hispanic or White or African Americans, despite the fact that these ethnic groups are equally diverse as Asian Americans, if not more. Why does this bill single out Asian Americans only? It's an unconstitutional document targeting one small section of the American population. Vote AGAINST it.

We are also shocked by the unscientific approach of the bill as it confuses ethnicities with national origins.  Furthermore, the citizenship of one’s ancestry -- and in many cases multiple citizenships within the family tree -- is not a deciding factor of that person’s socioeconomic or educational status. 

Please DO recognize the inherent danger and disastrous racial conflicts that legislation like AB-1726 will put California in. Please vote AGAINST AB-1726.


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